Theale Village Hall Policies & Procedures


The Trustees of Theale Village Hall recognises and accepts its general duties under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 to ensure that the premises are safe and that risk assessments are undertaken.

We are committed to provide healthy and safe working conditions, equipment and systems and all necessary support and information to Hall users, hirers and outside contractors. This shall be achieved through identifying, assessing, eliminating or controlling risks, recording and reviewing assessments and establishing clear, practical safety arrangements.

All users of the Hall are expected to follow health and safety instructions and to report dangers whilst taking care of the health and safety of themselves and any person on the premises. Anyone who observes a potential hazard, whether a practice or equipment, are expected to report the observation in the Incident book and bring to the attention to a member of the Committee.

Hirers are responsible for:

  • complying with all conditions of hire, and for ensuring that they comply with all safety requirements and safety notices
  • ensuring familiarity with fire safety checks and evacuation procedures
  • ensuring that highly flammable substances are not brought into the premises;
  • checking that, if any portable electrical equipment is brought onto the premises, it is safe for use/has been P.A.T. tested.

Contractors are responsible for:

  • safe working practices and for meeting their statutory obligations with regard to Health & Safety legislation and Public Liability Insurance
  • having regard to the safety of hall users when working on the premises and in respect of anything left on the premises
  • advising the Committee of any flammable or toxic substances that may be used in the course of work on the premises

The Committee are responsible for:

  • ensuring that all Committee members, hirers, contractors and users of the Hall are aware of the Health and Safety Policy
  • ensuring that the Health and Safety Policy is fully implemented and monitoring compliance
  • undertaking and regularly reviewing risk assessments
  • keeping an Incident Book to record incidents or defective equipment
  • taking appropriate action to rectify the situation, eg to arrange repair of equipment to ensure health and safety
  • Maintaining the First Aid box
  • Make arrangements for annual inspections of electrical appliances, fire extinguishers etc.
  • Produce and display relevant safety notices in appropriate areas

The H&S policy document will be available to download from the Theale Village Hall website; it will be reviewed annually.



  • The entrance must be clear of obstacles and hazards at all times that people are entering or leaving the building
  • Wet floors must be made safe until such time as the floor can be thoroughly dried and spills cleared up quickly
  • The premises should be adequately heated, such heating to be used in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and to be adequately maintained and regularly serviced
  • Any concerns regarding any electrical installation must be notified to the appropriate person immediately and electrical leads must not be allowed to trail across floors
  • Fire extinguishers will be regularly serviced and all persons should fully acquaint themselves with their position and how to operate
  • All hirers should be aware of the position of Fire Exits and ensure these are kept clear at all times and be aware of procedures in the event of fire
  • If the cooker is in use it should not be left unattended
  • Children should only be in the kitchen when under the direct supervision of an adult
  • All cleaning solutions etc. must be kept out of the reach of children.
  • Due care should be exercised in the car park area
  • All persons are responsible for ensuring that any item they stack or replace on a shelf cannot fall or be knocked
  • Hirers are responsible for the safety of people on the premises during the period of their hire

Working Practices

  • Do not attempt to lift anything that you know to be beyond your capability
  • Use an appropriate ladder or step to enable you to reach up high
  • Do not work at height on steps or ladders until they are properly secured and another person is present
  • Wear suitable protective clothing and eye protection when undertaking tasks that may involve contact with toxic substances or dust/debris etc.


  • Disposable paper hand towels must be provided.
  • Plastic gloves should be readily available and should be worn at all times that there might be contact with body fluids
  • All surfaces at which food is to be prepared or eaten must first be thoroughly cleaned with an appropriate cleaner
  • Hands must be thoroughly washed before food preparation

First Aid

  • A well stocked and appropriately labelled First Aid Box is available
  • An Accident book is used to record all minor and more serious accidents and near misses with name of casualty; date, time and place; cause and brief description, first aid administered and by whom

Theale Village Hall


Risk Register

June 2023


 RiskImpactLikelihoodMitigationResponsibilityFinanceRun out of money and unable to raise moreHighMedium·       Prudent reserves kept

·       Regular monitoring of finances by Treasurer and Trustees

·       Proactive Income Generation activities in placeTreasurer
Fraud – through ineffective internal checks and controls and security of internet bankingHighLow·       Sensible control systems in place as listed in Financial Principles Document

·       Internet banking procedures in placeTreasurerManagement of HallChair and Trustees not availableHighLow·       Trustees able to organise emergency cover day to day

·       Trustees able to cover finance and other functions.

·       Protocols and procedures written down

·ChairBuildingLease not renewedHighLow·       Complete new lease negotiations for additional 30 year leaseChair Flood damageHighMedium·       Disaster Recovery process in place

·       Regular checks of building take placeBuildings / BW Fire damageHighLow·       Disaster Recovery process in place

·       Electrical PAT testing carried out annuallyBuildings / BW
Structural DamageHighHigh·       Building regularly maintained

·       Local environmental hazards monitored

·       Structural improvements to roof over kitchen required asapBuildings /BW
VandalismLowLow·       Adequate security in placeBuildings CommitteeHealth and SafetyAccident  on premises to volunteers or visitorMediumLow·       Liability Insurance in place

·       Trained first aiders on premises

·       Complete First Aid boxes on premises

·       Only qualified people using power tools

·       Building Risk assessment maintainedTreasurer

List of 1st Aiders

Up to date?GovernanceFailure of Trustees to fulfil their responsibilitiesMediumMedium·       Review and discussion of role of Trustees

·       Annual review of Trustee Board performanceChair Non-compliance with Charity Commission Accounts requirementsMediumMedium·       Treasurer in place

·       Annual list of tasks and datesTreasurer Lack of Trustees with appropriate skills and timeHighMedium·       Number of Trustees kept under review

·       New Trustees requested when skills lostChair

Hiring Out Theale Village Hall



Who can rent the VH?


Theale Village Hall primarily exists to provide community space for the Users of the Hall, and these groups will always have precedence over others wishing to use the space.   This includes:    Theale Players, Community Café, Church, Film Club, Theale Show, Events Group.

Other groups can rent spaces within the hall, and these might include :

  • Folk Club
  • Local Community members
  • Local Business users
  • Other users

The Hall is hired via the Booking form on

The website also shows a calendar of current bookings so that any new bookings can be considered around these.



Tea and coffee making facilities are available.  There are limited cooking or reheating facilities available and prepared food can be brought in.

Hire Charges

(From 1 November 2022)


Different hire charges apply for the following groups:



  Hourly Rate
Existing “Users” £10
Existing Other users £10
New users  TBA
New Business users  TBA




Bookings cancelled with less than 2 weeks’ notice will be charged 25% of the total rate.

 Conditions of Hire –   As per Online booking Form

It is the responsibility of each group to ensure its members and visitors understand and respect our conditions of hire.

Payment Details

By cheque made payable to  Theale Village Hall

By on-line banking to Sort code 30.99.29. Acc No 00104121


Theale Village Hall Events Committee Policy

The overall aim of running events is to:

  • provide community cohesion through social activities
  • raise funds for Theale Village Hall

Events should be of high quality and offer good value for money.

Running Events

Events are organised and run by the Events Committee; the Trustees of Theale Village Hall will have final approval of the events run.  The Events Committee will arrange for each event to have a co-ordinator and will organise volunteers to help with refreshments, ticketing, oversee safety and any other activities needed.

Types of Events

The types of events will vary but will aim to reach a wide range of audience, especially new people, and may include music events, family events, theme nights and seasonal events. All will aim to provide a surplus of funds towards the running of the Village Hall.

Frequency of Events

Initially, the Events Committee will try to organise a number of events to revitalise the community post pandemic. This will be done in tandem with other groups in the village.

Publicity of Events

Events will be publicised on the Theale website; the Village Hall Facebook page; on Whatsapp groups; in Wedmore News and by word of mouth.  All those attending events can be asked for their contact details so they can be notified of future events.


The hall is equipped with a kitchen, cutlery, crockery and glasses, chairs and tables.  There are two table tennis tables.

Health and Safety and Safeguarding

The Events Committee will ensure at all times that events meet Health and Safety and Safeguarding requirements and adequate arrangements are in place in the event of fire.   The organiser for each event will conduct a risk assessment before the event.  They will also ensure security of the building is maintained at events.

Accounting for Events

The Treasurer will provide the required floats, given a few days’ notice.

Money taken from ticket sales will be tallied up at the end of each event.   Anyone who has spent money providing food/supplies will be repaid from this ticket money providing a valid receipt is provided.  Money will be paid into Theale Village Hall bank account as soon as practicable after each event and a receipt will be obtained.

An event account will be completed for each event giving details of numbers attending, money taken and spent and the surplus achieved.  Receipts will be attached to this account, and will be signed off by the Chair of Trustees.  The account will then be passed to the Treasurer.


Theale Village Hall – Committee Decision Making Process – 2022 (v2)


Purpose of this document is to define the committee approach to making decisions.  This will fall into categories dependent on type of decision:

  1. General day to day building management
  2. Financial Expenditure – over £100
  3. Building Update / Improvements
  4. Grant applications – what to apply for
  5. Capital expenditure – over £250
  6. Urgent decision making for building infrastructure or financial needs

Our agreed Governance for decisions is:

The quorum for decision making shall be five, including three Trustees.  Where a decision is split, the final vote goes to the Chair.

  1. General day to day building management
    1. The Buildings Committee Member has responsibility for ensuring the building operates and is maintained to a reasonable standard. Decisions over £100 – refer to (b)
  1. Financial Expenditure – over £100
    1. Agreement with either Treasurer or Chair
  1. Building Update / Improvements
    1. Major change recommendations to be documented – at high level
    2. Committee to review recommendations and agree priorities
    3. Estimates to be sought
    4. Vote at next committee meeting – pending agreement for payment schedule (existing funds or grant requirement)
    5. Works Scheduling – Timings proposal to be presented to Committee Meeting for review and logistics review for the users.
  1. Grant applications – what to apply for
    1. Ongoing suggestion list to be maintained (by Grants Group – Building/Chair/Treasurer)
    2. Prioritisation agreed by Committee
  1. Capital expenditure – over £250
    1. Request to be made to Committee, with documented explanation of need
    2. Vote by committee at next meeting
  1. Urgent decision making:
    1. Where possible, any decisions that have 72 hours timing that meet above criteria to be put to committee by email and a quorum will decide if not all members can vote
    2. Any decisions that require a more urgent decision to be agreed as follows:
      1. Building infrastructure critical decisions – agreed by Building/Chair/Treasurer
      2. Grants input if time critical – agreed by Building/Chair/Treasurer
  • Bookings queries that have impact on hall or other users – Events/Vice/Users

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