Theale Village Hall Policies & Procedures

Theale Village Hall Events Committee Policy

The overall aim of running events is to:

  • provide community cohesion through social activities
  • raise funds for Theale Village Hall

Events should be of high quality and offer good value for money.

Running Events

Events are organised and run by the Events Committee; the Trustees of Theale Village Hall will have final approval of the events run.  The Events Committee will arrange for each event to have a co-ordinator and will organise volunteers to help with refreshments, ticketing, oversee safety and any other activities needed.

Types of Events

The types of events will vary but will aim to reach a wide range of audience, especially new people, and may include music events, family events, theme nights and seasonal events. All will aim to provide a surplus of funds towards the running of the Village Hall.

Frequency of Events

Initially, the Events Committee will try to organise a number of events to revitalise the community post pandemic. This will be done in tandem with other groups in the village.

Publicity of Events

Events will be publicised on the Theale website; the Village Hall Facebook page; on Whatsapp groups; in Wedmore News and by word of mouth.  All those attending events can be asked for their contact details so they can be notified of future events.


The hall is equipped with a kitchen, cutlery, crockery and glasses, chairs and tables.  There are two table tennis tables.

Health and Safety and Safeguarding

The Events Committee will ensure at all times that events meet Health and Safety and Safeguarding requirements and adequate arrangements are in place in the event of fire.   The organiser for each event will conduct a risk assessment before the event.  They will also ensure security of the building is maintained at events.

Accounting for Events

The Treasurer will provide the required floats, given a few days’ notice.

Money taken from ticket sales will be tallied up at the end of each event.   Anyone who has spent money providing food/supplies will be repaid from this ticket money providing a valid receipt is provided.  Money will be paid into Theale Village Hall bank account as soon as practicable after each event and a receipt will be obtained.

An event account will be completed for each event giving details of numbers attending, money taken and spent and the surplus achieved.  Receipts will be attached to this account, and will be signed off by the Chair of Trustees.  The account will then be passed to the Treasurer.


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