The “heart” of Theale

The enforced closure of Britain this last year has impacted on our small community – we’re coming together more! Volunteering, Whatsapp support groups, offers of neighbourly help, chatting in the lanes, shopping for the shielding, strolls through the moors, but don’t mention “Zoom”!

Hopefully, next year we can physically come together, but certainly not at the Panborough Inn, now it’s delisted as a public house and it’s closure has ‘ripped the heart out of Somerset’  according to the Cheddar Gazette.  People fondly remember it’d heyday when beer wasn’t sold in petrol stations, a carvery was not a food crime scene and smoking B&H was cool.‘Incomers’ hear of the healthy heart of old Theale but have forlornly little to celebrate.

Where is the heart now?  With the Theale ghosts of The Snooty Fox, The Rose Hotel, The Alma Inn down Newtown receding fast Theale now needs a heart and it’s obviously the Theale Village Hall. We need a defibrillator in more ways than one ( Ed: How long is this metaphor? ) However, the hall has held up for well over 140 years since it was condemned, when it was the local school, (three times) back in 1887, by HM Inspectors due to ‘the smell with a south wind so offensive that no windows could be opened’. WE need to resuscitate Theale Hall (Ed: That’s enough heart stuff!) The hall is used for locals as a cinema, the Flower Show, Green Man pop-up pub events but the number of events are dwindling and other bookings are down so it’s underused.

The enforced closure of the hall  over the year did not qualify for the Government £10000 relief fund so fundraising and work parties for a range of actions will be needed once the pandemic abates. Are you able to help with a possible youth club, monthly Green Man pub events, a regular themed cuisine supper, building a pizza oven and further events that YOU can contribute to? Oh and  DIY work for repairs and upgrade and even paperwork for bidding for grants.

The beating heart of….. (Ed: I SAID that’s enough!)

A bright future may see more use of the south orchard, fibre-optic connectivity, a new bar area, suspended ceiling, more insulation, better acoustics and even better parking but most of all new blood (Ed: arggh! ) to sustain the unique Theale community. Get involved or expect a knock on the door from a village hall committee member. We know where you live!

Theale Village Hall committee. December 2020.