Hi there from the Village Hall Committee!

At a very positive AGM some changes were made which we would like you to share with you.

New Members were voted in and thanks given to long standing members who wish to step down – David and Carl; a massive thank you for all your years of hard work support to the Hall. It was a difficult time during COVID and the Committee held things together, whilst it wasn’t possible to use the Hall.

The new committee members are very motivated to bring the Hall back to its former glory, and we are still evolving to ensure we meet the current needs of the venue. We will let you know of any further developments.

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We are holding our first Committee meeting in early May and will be discussing how we can include more of the village and community in the use and running of the Hall. We will be seeking your ideas of its use, introducing new events, improving the facilities, better ways to communicate to you and planning long term projects to encourage more of you to come along.

Of course, all the existing uses of the Hall will continue and we look forward to the Flower Show, the Café, Film nights, Green Man and Theale Players …….. but keep your eyes and ears open for new developments. We will stay in touch and may occasionally ask for help !

In the meantime, if you would like to get in touch – please do so via our email: thealews@gmail.com

Thanks from us all until next time:
Chair Lisa
Vice Chair Sian
Treasurer David N
Secretary Lesley L
Flower Show Bill
Theale Players Bernard
Church Rep Elizabeth
Building / Maintenance Shaun
Events / Fundraising Gill and Janet.