October home heating oil group group buying is now open!

October 2020 Bulk Buying month – order your heating oil now!

Theale’s bulk home heating oil buying group is available again; we are gathering orders for October 2020.  Since we last ordered back in May, when we all filled our tanks at that extraordinary low price, our normal pattern of ordering is out of sequence.  I personally still haven’t got room to take another fill but we are due to order again shortly so can I ask you to check your tanks.

Remember there is a minimum order of 500 litres.

Prices are still relatively low  at around 25p per litre plus VAT,   so it would be worth buying now if you have the space.  The next order will be February next year.

I propose to put the order through on Monday 26th of October so please put your order through by Sunday 25th.  Please use the order form on the Theale.ws site if you are able, otherwise e’mail me or telephone on 713176.

If you are aware of anyone new to the parish please make them aware of this facility.



You can find out all about TOG here

If you haven’t registered before,  then you need to REGISTER HERE to give us your house details

If you’ve already registered or ordered previously,  then simply CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Any problems, call David on 713176