Theale Show – create a Competition Entry!

Welcome to the New World of Theale Show!

We are going ahead with our plans for the Theale Show on 5 September.  For the first time EVER we are publishing our schedule online before the paper version is available.

Download it here!

This means that you can start to prepare your entries in good time:

  • Plenty of ideas for children and young people to keep them purposefully occupied in the months to come and enter Theale show competition
  • Plant your pumpkin seeds, to enter the biggest pumpkin class!
  • Sow your sunflower seeds, to produce the largest flower head!
  • Knit a baby garment, sew a dress, make strawberry jam!
  • Of course, we have Ted’s Taters in a Tub! The Big Dig.

So we are looking forward to getting together again in one of our favourite ways – Theale Show!

For more information contact Cathy Butterworth, Show Secretary, on 01934 806157