Theale Oil Group – update from David Luke – order by July 1st

I will be ordering oil during the first week of July.  Prices have crept up slowly since we last ordered in February when we paid 42.3p per re excl VAT, and to buy 500 litres today as an individual you would probably pay around 48/49p.  Obviously won’t know the price until I phone around but hopefully we’ll get 4/5p a litre off the price by ordering bulk. The order form and registration form for new members are now available here which is the preferred method of ordering.  You only need to complete a registration form if you are ordering for the

Theale Oil Group – July Buying Group starts!

July 2018 Bulk Buying month – order your heating oil now! Theale’s bulk home heating oil buying group is available again; we are gathering orders for July 2018. It’s run by David Luke (Chair of Theale Village Hall committee) so thanks to David for performing this valuable community role. You can find out all about TOG here If you’ve already registered,  then simply click here to order If you haven’t registered before,  then you need to register here Any problems, call David on 713176