Day: October 4, 2019

Theale Film Club – “The Escape”

The Escape

Sunday 20th October – doors open 6:30pm for 7pm start

Tara (Gemma Arterton) is a housewife in suburban London who’s raising two young children while married to an overworked, self-absorbed husband. In desperate need of a change, Tara makes the bold decision to leave everything behind and buy a one-way ticket to Paris. Her newfound freedom and journey of self-discovery soon gives way to the realisation that walking out on your life isn’t so simple…..

Dominic Cummingser, no Freudian slip there (Ed), Dominic Cooper plays an abusive political adviser husband who always demands too much from everyone near to him, especially his wife Tara.Really.  Hmmm, where have we heard this before?

Gosh,  well,  that makes for good Sunday evening viewing doesn’t it!